Tiny Off Grid Living.

Not alreally about tiny off grid living, so it must be just about ‘off grid’ and that is correct! Being off grid sometimes refers to a person, but we like to talk  about electrical installations mainly.

So no tiny living?

A lot of websites handle that subject, sell housing plans and so on, so we will cover just the essential about offgrid solar and place links to other websites that really offer nice info about tiny living.

Back to our ‘off grid’

Mainly in tiny house design, owners tend to be electrically off grid aswell, either by geographical location or by choice. Those people use a lot less electrical power in general, also by choice or simply requirements. We are a strong believer in solar power, and since we also have a company in Europe that sells solar equipment, we feel we have knowledge that we could share or even put it on a website like this one.

Building your own solar project

In a few short examples complete with drawings we’ll show you how to build your own solar project. We want to have this site as complete as possible, so in case you miss a subject, feel free to contact us.

The sun - solar power for free
The sun – solar power for free