Actual setups & Examples

Actual setups & Examples

Examples for you to gain knowledge or build your own solar setup.

Our smallest example yet.

Looking for a small starter project just to feed your curiousity in the field of solar energy. This seems like a nice starter. Just some lights, and extra-outputs to get everyone involved.

Portable system 12/24Vdc and 110Vac

Since portable systems seem to become more popular lately, we decided to give it a go too. Why run long powerlines to a shed if you can take the power.

Solar shed with both 24Vdc and AC grid

Since people are not easily convinced to start with solar on their house, it seems like a good idea to start with a smaller project, a solar shed. This is a re-build of an existing project that “ran” for 5-years, time for an upgrade and have some insight in what changed the last five years in technology.

Tiny House – 12V only

A tiny house or a camper on just 12V it is possible, we like to think so.

Tiny House – Standard 110Vac Grid

A bit bigger set-up using 48-Volts solar setup with a use of 2kWh a day.

Ongrid 3000Wp installation

A 12-PV-panel setup tied to the grid in The Netherlands: build and completed in April 2015.

A list of thoughts and small examples: