Mechanical: mounting the panels

There is a mechanical shopping list, since we need to do some mechanical work by mounting the panels on the roof. As example we decided to put 4 panels on a row on a standard strut. The strut, the spring nuts and angle profiles are available at every home improvement center. Just use some very large (long) bolts true the roof with some silicone under the rail to prevent leakage. Remember that these panels can be quite big and catch a lot of wind, make sure you fasten appropriate.

Spring nuts


After putting up the 10 ft struts it’s pretty easy, in the two outer panels 2 holes should be drilled to have the angle profiles mounted on it, and the rest of the fastening  is done by bolts with large washers, a spring-nut in the strut is placed between every panel.

Outer panels
Inner panels

Some mechanical details on mounting.


Finished example

Finshed Example: 4 panels in a row on 2 struts