Offgrid or stand-alone.

Off grid also means storing the generated power since there is no grid to fall back on. A simple layout is shown below:

A basic PV installation setup

The sun shines on one or more photo voltaic (PV) panels.
The electric power is ‘controlled’ by the controller that charges the battery (pack). Controlling also means protecting the battteries from overcharging and undervoltage if to much power is used.

The drawing shows the most simple setup, just connect everything to the controller and keep it low voltage (typical 12 Volt).



The most common expansions to the basic setup above are:

  • More PV-output power by increasing the number of panels.
  • More batteries to go up with the voltage and storage capacity.
  • A new controller to handle it all.
  • A DC/AC inverter to make regular 110 Volt for ‘normal’ equipment.
  • Distribution and breaker boxes