Ongrid 3000Wp – The Netherlands.

Ongrid 3000Wp – The Netherlands.

Small ongrid installation build in The Netherlands in April 2015.

Start with aluminum mounts
Start with aluminum mounts

Why ongrid ?

The reason to choose for mainly ongrid solutions in The Netherlands is simply the climate. Here is a summer/winter ratio of about 5x, this means the hours of sun are 5x higher during summer than during winter, not a good climate to charge off-grid batteries.

The clients.

The clients are a couple of people who live in the house without using to much power, so the relatively small 3000Wp installation is enough to reduce their annual power bill next to nothing.

What’s exactly installed ?

  • MPPT Netgrid inverter – a BB-Power SF-3000TL
  • 12 PV-panels at a 250Wp rating.
  • Extra curcuit breaker of 16A in the power distribution box.
  • Extra reverse kWh-meter for the client to check on his installation and return of power flowing back into the grid.

Straight forward.

The 60-cell PV-panals offer 30.4V at 8.19A so 12 of those connected in series are at a nice 364.8V total. The MPPT netgrid inverter has a input-range og 150-500Volts, so play along optimal. The AC-output is directly feeded back into the grid. Circuit breaker required and kWh-meter as extra.

BB-Power ST-3000TL
BB-Power ST-3000TL

Return on invest.

The complete installation will have paid for itself withn 7 of 8 years, depending on rasing powerbills. The average was 5-7% a year, but prices are pretty stable now, so might be 8 years.

Finished installation
Finished installation (April 2015)