Solar controllers

Solar controllers:

Let’s go inside, an attic or a utility space, with the controller. Depending on the choice for the off or on grid, we seperate 2 setups again, in the off grid setup we also included the DC/AC inverter that makes a ‘regular’ power grid voltage available.



Controllers for off and ongrid installations

In general we separate 2 types of controllers, the charge controller and the net or on-grid inverter,  also called net-tied controller. Since we want an independent power grid without extra costs, net-tied controllers won’t be used in this setup. They can be used to reduce power costs, because you can feed your solar power back into the grid. Please consult your electric company before any attempting.

The off grid charge controllers are usually ‘normal’ battery chargers with all safeties like overcharging, under voltage etcetera, with an extra output voltage controller on the same inverter combined.

Both type of controllers, the charge controller and the grid-tied controller are available as MPPT controller with higher efficiency.